A New Comedy by Shaun Mckenna

In 1913 the legendary Ballets Russes dancer Vaslav Nijinsky is a global megastar and Diaghilev’s lover.  So it surprises many when he marries rich, flighty Hungarian, Romola de Pulsky.  He doesn’t even speak Hungarian.  Diaghilev sacks him and, with a baby on the way, the couple go to Budapest to visit Romola’s mother, the fading diva Olga de Pulsky.  Olga can’t bear having someone more famous than her at such close quarters.  When World War I is declared, the Nijinskys are confined to Olga’s house as enemy aliens.  The servants think his attempts to notate ballet are secret codes to help the enemy.  A deliciously bitter domestic war breaks out involving feuds, madness, racism, arrests and snobbery.  Before long, Olga spots an opportunity for Romola to make money from her increasingly crazy, gay husband.