When Rudolf Valentino appeared on screen as a dominant Arab Sheik, the women of 1920s America swooned.  Here was the ultimate macho sex god, as unlike all-American heroes as it was possible to be.  American men loathed and resented him.  Rudolf’s ‘overnight’ success came after grinding years working as a taxi dancer and gigolo, pleasuring society women in the afternoons before returning home to the men he preferred to spend time with. 


Moving to LA, he became deeply engaged in Hollywood’s gay subculture under its queen, the mercurial and domineering Alla Nazimova.  He married two gay women in succession – his second wife, the extraordinarily talented Natacha Rambova, would be his downfall.


As well as telling a rattling good story, with tremendous melodies and exciting dancing, Gigolo examines masculinity, sexuality and identity in a way not seen before on the Broadway stage.